I am...

  • A happy cynic who is constantly looking for the bright side.
  • A jam-band dancer. 
  • A true introvert, but not shy. 
  • Married to Gaston's Doppleganger. 
  • The mother of two spirited daughters.
  • Also affectionally known as Chippers to my four siblings, Lulu to my husband. 

I love...

  • Coffee.
  • Pizza.
  •  Staying in vs. going out. 
  • Jim Morrison. So much. 
  • Being a Knoxville Wedding Photographer.

I want to...

  • Raise daughters who love & respect themselves and others, and understand the value in hard work.
  • Make my friends feel loved and good about themselves.
  • Skydive. Maybe.
  • Meet John Mayer.
  • Have pizza for dinner every night and not get fat.

If you read to the end, I owe you a drink. :)