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Bride / Groom
Bride / Groom *
Bride / Groom
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Mailing address after the Wedding
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We highly recommend a First-Look for Fall/Winter weddings in order to maximize your photo time in the daylight.
If your venue is a hotel, please leave valet or self-park instructions and how to validate our parking tickets
(especially important if your Ceremony is in a Church)
Traditional, non-denominational, Catholic mass, theatrics, special performances, unusual Ceremony orders, butterfly release, etc.
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Ceremony Start Time
This is very important, please do not forget to send us your DETAILED timeline. If you need guidance with your timeline to maximize your photo time, please reach out. I am happy to assist.
Please consider your coverage time when selecting an arrival time
Sparklers, bubbles, petals, etc.
If you don't already, you may want to consider one. It is an easy way to collect and organize your guests' images from your day.
We want to make sure we give credit where credit is due, so please make sure to include all vendors in this section.
Who organized your wedding day? Was it DIY, or did you hire a full-service planner? Did your venue come with a planner/coordinator?
Humorous tales, words of encouragement or general advice, please!
How did you handle any stress? Was it easier than you thought, or more difficult? etc.
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How/Where did it happen? Was it a quiet, intimate moment or a grand gesture?
bonus points if you tell us how the other responded!
When imagining how your wedding images will look, which terms best describe your vision
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Which terms best describe the "feel" of your day
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**To ensure that Family portraits go quickly and smoothly, an organized list is essential. For example: Sally (mom), Harry (Dad), Bride, Groom Sally, Harry, Bride Harry, Carrie, Bride, Groom Jack, Josie, Aunt Jill, Granny Mae etc. (Ya get the point...) Please note any family dynamics that may help us with posing (ie Mom and Dad are divorced and prefer to have separate family photos, etc.)
While we cannot guarantee any single photo, it helps to know which are the most important to you so we can make sure to look out for these moments. Please list your top 5 must-have moments. (example: Groom reaction as Bride comes down aisle, Great-Grandparent, etc.)