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Listen...just the idea of being in front of a camera for 45 minutes to an hour is enough to make anyone anxious. Photo day can be stressful - as a mom, I totally get that...but as your photographer, I don't want you to wait for anything. Not for the perfect outfits, not for the weight to fall off, not for your partner to finally get excited about it. Get in front of the camera NOW and EXIST in photos for your children and grandchildren to look at in 50 years. Let them remember you laughing and being gloriously uninhibited; you are beautiful, and your family is uniquely weird and wonderful. During your family photo session, I want you to feel comfortable, and in your element. That might be at home, at a park, on a hike or even on the water somewhere. Wherever it is, take me there. I care most about photographing your family in moments that MATTER - the relaxed, the silly and even the ridiculously awkward moments.  Let's capture the good stuff. Let's do this!

from $350

60 Minutes On-Location

**Add $100 for Multi-Generational Family sessions. Thank you for understanding.