Ofield Family [Knoxville Family Photography]

Clearly NO fun was had here. None at all. ;)

Rachel chose her location carefully. She sent me photos of each spot that she felt would allow their family of seven (5 very active kids) the space to be their crazy selves, but also one where we could capture beautiful evening sun. She clearly knows a thing or two about capturing the gorgeous light during the golden hour, and the bonus? It was right in her back yard! We ended this wild family session in their gorgeous Grand Rapids, MI home, and even captured a few cozy ‘at home’ lifestyle images where they ate banana bread, did some homework and snuggled up before bedtime. Jay poured delicious bourbon, and the adults imbibed and watched the bedtime craziness unfold, knowing all-too-soon these chaotic times will be replaced with a quiet home. What we will have to enjoy are the memories… and (I hope) gorgeous, REAL photos of these silly, priceless moments.